MARS™ is the perfect solution for mid-sized to large lenders, banks and financial institutions that want control of their loan review efforts.

Intuitive. Comprehensive. QC Software.

Intuitive: MARS™ provides a user-friendly loan review audit experience. QC Managers can easily find the resources they need.

Comprehensive: The MARS™ technology has been developed to provide a thorough loan review audit that encompasses the different phases of the mortgage loan. MARS™ walks the user through the different modules of the loan by providing a series of questions that help the auditor analyze the loan from the origination to the closing process. The end result is an audit report with a series of defects, if any found, and a scoring system in order to satisfy agency requirements and policy gaps.

QC Software: MARS™ is the best QC software solution available in the market today. Our experience and knowledge are put to work to engineer a program like no other. The fact that we are QC professionals differentiates us from other solutions available. We use MARS™ everyday and follow agency regulations as well. The combination of both gives us the edge to confidently say that we are working diligently to bring you the ultimate QC review software.  

MARS™ Portal: MARS™ QC Software allows clients to access their loan audit reports through the portal. The portal is where the analytical results are maintained. QC Managers love the portal because they can access many analytical tools, statistics, trending and reports. The portal also contains a robust Management Response where managers can interact and respond to the audits.


  • MARS™ Client Portal: Clients can interact with the new and enhanced Management Response pages.

  • MARS™ allows clients to track the status of their audits.

  • Ability to track invoicing.

  • MARS™ Audit Reports are compliant to satisfy industry requirements, to include Fannie Mae’s latest categories or taxonomy for defects and findings.

  • ATQ (Audit the QC) is the most recent addition to the MARS™ technology. ATQ helps clients stay compliant under Fannie MAE SEL-2013-05 and CFPB Third-Party Vendor Management requirements.

Types of QC Audits Available through MARS™

  • Post-Closing

  • Pre-Funding

  • Servicing

  • MERS

  • Due Diligence

  • Appraisal Management

  • Denial Audits

  • Repurchase Defense

  • Federal Regulatory

Analytical Tools

  • Industry Reports

  • Compare/Contrast Reports

  • Risk Associations

  • Fraud Pattern

  • Trend Charts

  • Defect Report

  • Defect Rate Report

Management Tools

  • Defect Goal function

  • Export data tool

  • Re-verification Report

  • And many other functions

Benefits of using MARS™

  • It puts the lender in control of the loan review auditing process

  • It empowers quality assurance to team members

  • It provides a complete audit trail for compliance purposes

  • Efficiency in the loan auditing process

  • An audit experience that is stress free

  • Technical support availability

MARS™ is available for lease

MARS™ is perfect for QC shops that have in-house quality control staff or for QC companies who have no software or proper technology to support data. MARS™ is available to be branded or private labeled. MARS™ offers multiple solutions for auditing requirements.