MARS™ provides a user-friendly loan review audit experience. QC Managers can easily find the resources they need.



The MARS™ technology has been developed to provide a thorough loan review audit that encompasses the different phases of the mortgage loan. MARS™ walks the user through the different modules of the loan by providing a series of questions that help the auditor analyze the loan from the origination to the closing process. The end result is an audit report with a series of defects, if any found, and a scoring system in order to satisfy agency requirements and policy gaps.


QC Software

MARS™ is the best QC software solution available in the market today. Our experience and knowledge are put to work to engineer a program like no other. The fact that we are QC professionals differentiates us from other solutions available. We use MARS™ everyday and follow agency regulations as well. The combination of both gives us the edge to confidently say that we are working diligently to bring you the ultimate QC review software.


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