MARS™ is a proprietary web-based Quality Control software solution designed by QC professionals for QC professionals. MARS™ technology is owned by QMS (Quality Mortgage Services), The Mortgage QC and Auditing Technology Solutions Company.

For the last 23 years, QMS has provided QC audits to the mortgage banking industry. MARS™ technology is designed to service the mortgage banking industry by providing an intuitive and comprehensive audit experience that empowers lenders and QC professionals with analytical tools and reporting capabilities.

Because of the constant changes and demands in the industry, the MARS™ technology constantly evolves. QMiS Systems, a subsidiary of QMS, provides the technology and programming support necessary to keep MARS™ as the leading mortgage QC software solution available in the market today.

MARS™ uses the latest security measures through its state-of-the-art datacenter. MARS™ maintains a SSAE-16 certificate in order to stay in compliance with technology requirements. Web hosting and tech support is offered to clients who wish to utilize MARS™ web servers for hosting their web page, or choose to lease MARS™ for their in-house mortgage quality control program.

As opposed to other programs available in the market, MARS™ is not a checklist driven software but an actual analytical program that allows the user to perform a thorough audit based on its proven audit methodology process. The software is a tool for seasoned and experienced underwriters who have critical thinking skills to find problems while addressing risks and loan defects.

The MARS™ portal is the easy passage to evaluating loan quality with compare and contrast charts that provide loan analysis from the mortgage analyst who performs the QC mortgage audit uncovering any mortgage defects or fraud.

The MARS™ technology creates analytical reports that allow mortgage QC managers to identify gaps in the quality control process so that lenders can then rectify during the Pre-Funding QC process. MARS™ also enhances effective loan operations and production quality by reducing defects and mortgage repurchase claims. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions.